How does Europe fare in Internet Security?

ENISA, the European Union Agency has launched an updated version of ‘Country Reports’ on network and information security within the EU. The report details how prepared each EU country is in dealing with cybercrime, network attacks and network resilience.  Look below to see how the Netherlands and Belgium fared:

Netherlands – Internet Security

This ‘Country Report’ found that the Netherlands are above the European average in terms of National Internet Security (NIS) and ICT development. 

  • 98% of enterprises have internet access (compared to the 94% European average)
  • 15% of the Netherlands population are reluctant in performing activities (such as banking, purchases of goods) over the Internet because of security concerns, which is slightly higher than the European average of (13.86%)
  • Resultant of this, 87% of the Netherlands popualtion use and update IT security software to protect themselves, compared to the European average of 59%.
  • 29% of European enterprises have a formally defined ICT security policy.

These stats show that the Netherlands are more cautious about what they buy over the internet and are more careful in regards to internet security on their home of office PC.  

Belgium – Internet Security

Belgium was found to be above the European average also, but with slightly lower percents than the Netherlands.

  • 97% of Belgium enterprises have access to Internet
  • 22% of the population in Belgium is wary about performing activites via the Internet
  • 29% of Belgium enterprises (same as the Netherlands) have a formally defines ICT security policy
  • The number of unique phishing attacks dropped by 87%  from 2009 to 2010

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