How do you handle your data classification?

Data classification, or information classification as it is sometimes known, is the process of classifying an organisation’s data to ensure it receives an adequate level of protection. Organisations will usually develop a data/information classification policy that determines which type of data falls within each level of classification and how that data should be protected. They then go about classifying their data with the levels of classification in their data/information classification policy.

How do they handle this process of data classification?

Organisations use a multitude of methods to classify their data. Some methods are prone to human frailty, others are not so. One method that is quite common is stamps; people will have a stamp for each level of classification ‘confidential’, ‘public’, etc and then just merely stamp each document that they handle. Sure, this is effective in some cases, and it’s a practical solution in environments where there is a lot of paperwork. However, it is prone to human failure – documents can slip through without being classified and therefore don’t receive the correct handling to protect the information they contain.

Another method for applying data classifications is by inserting a footer into electronic documents. This is also prone to human failure as there is no easy way to ensure a classification is applied to a document.

How can you implement your data classification policy and ensure compliance with it at the same time?

The simple answer to this is through the use of a data classification solution such as Boldon James Classifier. This classifier enables you to apply metadata labels and visual markings to any type of Windows file. It additionally helps you to ensure that the your data/information classification policy is enforced by allowing you to configure policies in the software that dictate which data can be sent outside of the organisation and by interfacing with other on-demand solutions such as encryption.

If you want to classify your information effectively, you need Boldon James Classifier!