How do you ensure your ISMS continues evolving to meet the ever-changing challenges?

  • New laws and regulations;
  • New threats and vulnerabilities;
  • New technologies;
  • New standards and certification requirements.

Achieving ISO 27001 certification is one thing, maintaining your ISMS in the face of an ever-changing and evolving Cybersecurity landscape is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Continual improvement of your ISMS is an important part of maintaining your ISO 27001 certification, so simply keeping up with new threats and vulnerabilities is no longer enough.

Reviewing and Improving Your ISMS

  • What does Best Practice for Management Review, CAPA and Continual Improvement look like?
  • How do we measure control effectiveness?

If you are asking yourself these and other questions, this constantly up-dated 2-day course is ideal for you. You can book to attend a single sitting (there are 4 per year) of this course, or you can enjoy substantial savings when you subscribe to a year’s worth of attendance in advance.




Reviewing and Improving Your ISMS Training Course

This innovative training course never has the same content twice!

While the structure of the course is relatively fixed, the content of each session is updated to reflect changes in the economic, business, and risk environments over the previous quarter.

Not only does the course provide a comprehensive update across the broad range of areas for which information security managers are responsible, it is designed to cover – across the four successive quarterly sittings of the course – measures of control effectiveness across all 133 controls in Annex A, and ISMS process maturity indicators for all ISMS and control processes. For most delegates, the most advantageous way to take advantage of this course is to book one year’s worth of attendance in advance!

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The course is designed for those individuals whose role requires them to have a broad understanding of current trends in information security, aware of new and emerging regulation, best practice standards, technical standards and evolving best practice in reviewing and improving an ISMS.

Highly experienced traininers

This course was created and is led by Alan Calder and Steve Watkins, respectively CEO and Consultancy Director of IT Governance Ltd.

The course reflects their years of involvement with information security management and the breadth of their involvement – through training, consulting, research, writing and public speaking – on this core area of business risk management. This course combines a high level of academic content and rigour with a highly practical guidance on implementation, liberally lit up with real life examples of effective approaches to reviewing and improving an ISMS.


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