How do you adopt a service management culture?

Adopting a culture of service management within an organisation is one of the most often overlooked aspects of delivering IT services that offer the correct levels of utility and warranty.

While we have approaches such as ITIL® that cover the process aspects, very little guidance, if any, exists on the cultural aspects of adopting service management best practice.

Service management intersects with the culture of an organisation on several different fronts, whether it is the resistance of staff to change or the adoption of service management principles by IT staff.

But how do you adopt a service management culture?

Firstly, it’s about getting buy-in from the key players within an organisation. If you have the leaders of the organisation driving for adoption of service management principles and culture you are more likely to succeed than not.

It’s also about breaking down barriers to change and transformation. Having champions at every level within an organisation who understand the whys and wherefores of service management really can help deliver the desired results.

Finally, and probably most importantly, educating staff as to why service management is important and what it delivers to the organisation is key. With knowledge there is understanding, and with understanding there is a culture of service management.

If you work for an enterprise considering adopting ITIL best practice, a multi-user licence to the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite can offer a cost-effective option to help each of your service management team access the core content.