How can SMEs resource ISO 27001?

Implementing ISO 27001 doesn’t have to be a costly and complicated piece of work: with the right tools you can implement the Standard yourself.

Certification to ISO 27001 can bring organisations a host of benefits, including safeguarding your information assets, winning new business, complying with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements, and enhancing your reputation.

With over 27,500 organisations certified to ISO 27001 (ISO Survey), and a growth of 20% over the previous year, you have to wonder why the other millions of businesses across the world haven’t gained certification, too.

ISO 27001 for SMEs: “too large, too complex, and too costly”

We often hear that ISO 27001 is ‘too large, too complex, and too costly’, especially for SMEs. This is an understandable conclusion for directors and senior managers whose energies are focused on achieving growth and ROI for investors. If the risks could be addressed simply by upgrading software, buying and installing security hardware, and running anti-malware, then you could see their point of view.

The fact is, most cyber threats won’t be thwarted by those remedies, and some cyber threats really could put you out of business, damage your reputation for years to come, or, at the very least, cost you more in fraud each year than you’d pay applying appropriate controls.

So how can SMEs resource ISO 27001?

It is understandably more difficult for a smaller business to hire specialist information security expertise in-house than for a larger one.

Hiring external consultants to implement the Standard for you is one option, but if you want to keep the project in-house and the costs as low as possible, then purchasing the tools and software to implement the Standard yourself is a more viable option.

The No 3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit contains all the tools you need to implement ISO 27001, including:

  • Official ISO 27000 standards
  • Industry-leading implementation guidance
  • Pre-written documentation
  • Effective risk assessment software

Saving you 15% over the cost of buying the tools individually, this comprehensive bundle has been developed by ISO 27001 practitioners to help you implement an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS yourself.

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Not what you’re looking for?

If you already have a copy of the ISO 27000 standards or the risk assessment software, then take a look at our other ISO 27001 toolkit bundles, which have the right resources for you at a great price.

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