Hijacking hackers are lol’ing with their new ‘networking’ worm

Hackers have created a type of malware infecting Windows PCs, using Skype as its vehicle. The malware is downloaded by the unsuspecting user when they click on instant messages created to look genuine with the use of “lol”.

The networking worm lives on social media platforms and feeds on the ‘click-through’ actioned by the user. The user has no knowledge of the malware downloaded, although the hacker is already busy hijacking the PC, which in some instances leads to users being locked out of their computers.

Creating awareness of this is important. Facebook users, for example, are likely to be more familiar with strangely formatted messages or Facebook SPAM. However, the common occurrence of this attack through Skype is less heard of.

It is so important to stay aware of all the new tactics that hackers employ to keep yourself safe. On this blog we’ll continually post about the latest developments and what to look out for. If you don’t stay aware, you could be putting yourself at risk and hackers could be lol’ing with your lolly.