Higher DPA fines and custodial sentences could follow ICO funding shortfall

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is partly funded by a notification fee payable to him by all those who process personal information. Proposed new EU regulations will abolish notification fees and leave the ICO with a £15 million reduction in revenues. In addition to this, if the ICO was asked to take on the extra responsibilities outlined in the proposed EU data protection reforms, the estimated £26.3 million increase in costs would result in a total (worst case) shortfall of £42.8 million.

MPs have warned this shortfall may have to be paid for by the tax payer

Harsher penalties could be on the cards …

Chairman of the cross-party committee Lib Dem Sir Alan Beith said: “Taxpayers will have to pick up the tab for the information commissioner’s vital data protection work when new EU rules come into force unless the government can find a way of retaining a fee-based self-financing system.

Sir Alan added: “We do not understand why the government has not adopted the recommendation made by us and other parliamentary committees that custodial sentences should be made available for breaches of section 55 of the Data Protection Act“.

So if tougher financial penalties are on the way, and prison sentences a very real threat for breaches of section 55 of the Data Protection Act, can you be 100% certain that your organisation is in compliance with the DPA?

How to achieve DPA Compliance:

  • Understand what the DPA is how it affects your business
  • Identify your current level of conformance to the DPA
  • Identify gaps and steps to achieve compliance
  • Document your DPA policies
  • Understand how to react if you suffered a data breach
  • Initiate DPA staff training

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