Hewlett Packard’s CEO Says Take Care When Stepping Into The Cloud

CIO’s and IT Director’s are being put under more and more pressure to deliver better services at reduced costs. Hewlett Packard’s CEO, Meg Whitman, says this is a huge driving factor in the adoption of cloud computing services:

“From the CIO standpoint, information technology is becoming more complex and CIOs are under a lot more pressure to do things faster and less expensively…. Groups of people have been going rogue, going off and setting up their own little clouds to get stuff done within their organisation.”

This however brings with it a whole bunch of issues including the management, the vendors and the technology itself. Whitman continues:

“The question is, how do you orchestrate the information flow between these vertical stacks and capabilities? How do you monitor and automate these processes? How do you move, analyse and secure your

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