Here’s a taste of what it takes to become an ISO27001 Lead Implementer…

Let’s all agree that implementing an ISO27001-compliant information security management system (ISMS) can be a mammoth task, especially if it isn’t your sole responsibility at work. Therefore, many professionals embarking on an ISMS project will quickly reach the conclusion that, unless they have some experience, they will need more than just enthusiasm to successfully complete the project within a reasonable timeframe.

The ISO27001 Lead Implementer Online Course supports all those implementers who are aware of the benefits of ISO27001 (both from a security and business perspective), but don’t necessarily know how to approach their ISMS project so that it works for their organisation.

As someone tasked with ISMS implementation, you are probably pretty busy already. Booking onto the ISO27001 Lead Implementer Online Course will save you travel and accommodation expenses and most importantly, it will save you time! You can take the course from the convenience of your home or office whilst getting a similar experience to a classroom course by interacting with the trainer and other attendees.

Why is this course unique?

Well, we asked previous attendees of the classroom version and this is what they thought. We are not aware of any other ISO27001 Lead implementer course that has been praised so highly – are you?

“The course exceeded all my expectations and has provided the knowledge I need to plan the implementation of ISO27001 in my organisation”

Richard Thomson, IT Manager, Apex Trust of Scotland

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What do delegates get from the course?

Read on, if you’d like to have a taste of this 3-day online course.


At the beginning of Day 1 of the ISO27001 Lead Implementer Online Course you will learn:

  • how to secure management commitment,
  • how to scope your ISMS and,
  • how to create management system documentation.

Management commitment

Securing management support is a big issue as with many projects. Obtaining successful implementation from the top is critical for the success of your project. There are many reasons your CEO should support you. The fact that ISMS implementation is a business project, not an IT project is only one of them. 


Scoping is one of the key stages for successful ISMS implementation. It is critical for planning your project and is also a requirement of the ISO27001 standard. You not only need to identify what is inside your ISMS, but ISO27001 requires you to identify what is outside the scope of your ISMS. Things become slightly more complicated when you have to draw a boundary between what is in your organisation and what is without.

The ISO27001 Lead Implementer Online Course will teach you how to clearly define the scope and boundaries of your ISMS in alignment with your business objectives.

Management System Documentation

During Day 1 you will also learn what documentation is required by the ISO27001 standard and how to create a management document system tailored to your organisation. You will understand why document control is an essential part of your information security policy and how to apply it.

There will be more to learn during Day 1 including how to create an ISMS project plan and communicate it to the relevant people in your organisation.

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