Help Your Staff See the Big Picture

How can you increase the effectiveness of your information security awareness training? How can you ensure that your staff are continually reminded of their crucial responsibilities?

Effective information security education is known to be difficult to deliver. While staff induction and the continual training of existing staff are essential, most information security awareness programmes are either overly technical or oversimplified. The result is usually a gap between what typical users know and what they practice, leading to little or no change in their behaviour.

Cartoons and animated images have long been used in the reinforcement of training and staff awareness. They are particularly effective at using simple images to engage staff and convey complex information in a more interesting and often humorous manner.


Visible Statement

Visible Statement delivers critical information security reminders where users need them most – on the screens of their desktop and laptop machines. This unique software package provides high quality, visually exciting animations that make your critically important security messages fun to look at and easy to remember.

Visible Statement

The benefits of Visible Statement include:

  • Create high levels of awareness concerning your information security policies
  • Appears automatically and requires virtually no administration
  • Maintain user interest with daily /weekly animation changes
  • Messages are 100% customisable to meet specific requirements
  • Assists with compliance objectives for ISO27001, HIPAA, SOX and the Data Protection Act.


Visible Statement also provides a large number of static Logon message images to remind users of important security awareness information such as password advice, document disposal, credit card use and checking ID badges.

To see examples of the unique Visible Statement animations, please see:

Visible Statement – Animated Graphics Information Security Awareness Tool


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