The World Economic Forum Lists Cyber Attacks As One Of Its Top 5 Global Risks

For the first time in its history the World Economic Forum (WEF) listed cyber attacks in its top five global risks for the first time in 2012. WEF is an independent international organisation committed to improving the state of the world across a multitude of agendas.

WEF identified 4 key principles for cyber resilience:

  • The organisation recognises the interdependent nature of our hyper-connected world and its own role in contributing to a safe shared digital environment
  • The executive management team recognizes its leadership role in setting the tone and structure for cyber resilience
  • The organisation recognises the importance of integrating cyber risk management within its broader risk practices
  • The organisation encourages its suppliers to adopt similar cyber resilience principles and guidelines

ISO27001 is the world’s cyber security standard that organisations should implement to ensure they are protecting themselves and their assets in this hyper-connected world. Additionally ISO27001 demonstrates to customers and stakeholders your commitment to cyber security and will help in winning new business through the supply chain.


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