Has the power failure affected your business? If not, it soon will!

“Half of India without power” reports the BBC on Tuesday 31st July 2012.

This devastating news has caused catastrophic effects across India, including:

  • Around 600m people affected in 20 of India’s states
  • Hundreds of trains came to a standstill – effecting main distribution routes and prohibiting staff from getting to work
  • Hospitals were running on backup generators – how long will they last?
  • Delhi Metro services were halted and staff had to evacuate trains
  • Many traffic lights in the city failed, leading to massive traffic jams.

With the power cut running for two days and electricity now slowly returning, what detrimental effect has this put on your business? Have deliveries been disrupted? Have you lost out in sales?

How quickly can you return to business as usual?

Ensure you can return to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. This book (delivered immediately as an eBook), is a straightforward guide which provides practical and real-life examples to reinforce business continuity best practices.

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This book has been written for IT Governance Limited by Thejendra BS, author of the first edition. An internationally experienced IT manager based in Bangalore, India, Thejendra BS has over 17 years’ experience of technology roles including Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, asset management, IT security and IT project implementation.

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