Hacking Toolkit SpyEye Could Cause Huge Increase In Cyber Crimes

Yesterday a shudder went around the internet security world. The reason: SpyEye, a premier hacker’s toolkit, has been made accessible to cybercriminals all over the world, at a price of just $100.

Sean Bodmer, senior threat intelligence analyst ay network security firm Dambalia commented:

“Every level of criminal, from the lowest to the highest rungs, can now use one of the deadliest Swiss Army knife hacking toolkits in the world.”

Reports estimate that in the first half of the year SpyEye was being used by around 30 elite cyber gangs that had collectively infected around 2 million computers. That figure is expected to dramatically increase though, as the cost of SpyEye has been dropped from $10,000 to a mere $100. It means that an expensive hacking toolkit, which was usually the preserve of large cyber gangs, has now become affordable to anyone.

SpyEye allows it users to issue commands to networks of thousands of bots. It can automate the extraction of credit card and financial data from infected systems, and configure them to make purchases at online stores.

SpyEye began to come to prominence in 2009 when it set out as a rival to ZEUS, at the time the premier hacking tool. Quickly SpyEye surpassed ZEUS and by the end of 2010 it had become an expensive, user friendly, software program which could be sold, improved and copyrighted. SpyEye offered a sophisticated tool which could be used by anyone for a base price of $6,000. With add-on’s the price could rise to $10,000.

Just over a week ago however, the licensing key for SpyEye was published online. Within hours of this release cyber hackers had created programmes to access the full version of SpyEye (apparently complete with a tutorial!) and re-sell them for $100.

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