Hacked: Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terror Hotline Hacked By Kids

Hacked: Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terror Hotline Hacked By Kids

Last week I blogged about the Government’s proposals to introduce far reaching snooping legislation, however things have all gone quiet after a hasty U-turn. This was, however, one of the reasons cited by a group calling themselves ‘Team Poison’ for this week hacking into Scotland Yard’s anti-terror hotline. The hackers jammed the hot lines network, preventing callers from getting through and also recorded and then posted a conversation between officials on the internet.

There are two factors to this incident that disturb me. Firstly the two boys the police’s e-crime unit arrested in connection with this incident were just 16 and 17. And secondly the software they used is apparently freely available to buy on the internet, and as importantly, relatively simple to use. Is hacking becoming as simple as taking candy from a baby? Babies shouldn’t really be eating candy, but that’s beside the point. 16 year olds shouldn’t be out hacking government departments either. Some of this software even has customer support help lines for the would be hacker! It’s seems insane doesn’t it.

As I mentioned last week, the policing of the internet will be a major issue in the modern age. The individual and businesses have a responsibility to protect themselves when using the internet, yet even if you take adequate precautions you may become the subject of a cyber attack or cyber crime. The authorities face an uphill task in managing and policing the internet, as it seems the cyber criminals are on the crest of the technology wave, whist the police are within it.

This doesn’t mean you should stand still. Ensuring you and your business stay abreast of new technology developments, new ways of protecting yourself and building effective and proportional cyber defences is essential.

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