Hacked Fox Twitter Account Claims President Obama Is Dead

Last week, in my blog post ‘Twitter – Hackers Find A New Marketplace’ I discussed how social networking sites would become prime hunting ground for hackers. The volume of individuals who ‘follow’ celebrities is quite astounding, with Lady Gaga pulling in over 11.3million followers and President Obama just under 9 million.

This afternoon it seems that hackers decided to sully one of the USA’s greatest days of celebration, The 4th July, by hacking into the Fox News Politics Twitter account and declaring that President Obama had been assassinated.

Fox News is one of the biggest cable networks in the United States, and it is as yet unclear as to why they were subject to this attack. Or indeed why, they posted such a message.

The reasoning is possibly as simple as exposure, today being Independence Day, and the message being a headline grabbing one. Fox were attacked back in May by the LulzSecurity group where personal details of 73,000 applicants of the X Factor were stolen.

Regardless of the intent, it is painfully clear that social media sites are quickly becoming a favourite hunting ground for hackers. This incident reminds us that there is a very clear and present danger for all businesses and organisations using social media sites.

Social media is a critical aspect of how organisations interact with their customers. Dealing effectively with social media requires a joined-up approach that is aligned with the objectives and risk appetite of the business – a governance approach.

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