Google in data-privacy row with Europe

First it was France, then it was the Netherlands and now it’s Belgium – who is Google going to upset next?

Google breached a national Belgian law in May last year by “illegally intercepting communication when it collected private data with its Street View Cars”. Belgian authorities offered Google to pay up now – a fine of €150,000- or risk being taken to court.

This penalty has come after several other complaints from European countries. France fined Google €100,000 earlier this year for violating its privacy laws and just last week, the Netherlands said it may fine Google as much as €750,000.

Google were “profoundly sorry” to have mistakenly collected payload data from unencrypted WiFi networks. However, this ‘sorry’ is not good enough for the EU, who have strict policies on data breaches. A hefty fine is the only deterrent suitable for such a violation.  

To make sure you don’t face the wrath of Europe, then do your research. If your business is operating within the EU, then make sure you know their laws before you even think of doing anything. Each EU country adheres to the European Data Protection Directive, yet they all individually have their own laws.

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