Google banks its biggest cloud computing customer

Google today achieved another watershed moment by announcing it has won its largest enterprise customer. Spanish banking monolith BBVA has signed up to use google’s cloud computing service. It will provide tools for BBVA’s internal communication including well-known applications including gmail, video conferencing and google docs.

BBVA employs over 110,000 employees across 26 countries and its director of innovation, Carmen Herranz commented on the deal:

“The main goal is to promote innovation and making decisions and increase productivity. We are in a challenging market and need to make faster and more accurate decisions… and eliminate duplication…”

The way in which individuals work has changed dramatically in the last couple of years with the advent of smartphones, laptops and tablets. This has created a need for organisational information and applications to be available to employees at anytime, anywhere in the world. The old business adage that ‘time is money’ has never held more resonance, and cloud computing offers organisations the mobility, flexibility and efficiency that is required to stay ahead in the modern economy.

The banking sector has been seen as the most difficult area for cloud computing services to penetrate, due to security and confidentiality concerns. In today’s announcement, BBVA reported that all customer data would still be kept in its own data centres, however it is surely only a matter of time before these also start moving, metaphorically, skyward.

Cloud computing offers organisations many benefits, not least the fact that they only pay for the services they use. Reports suggest that the majority of companies have between 70-80% of computer power ideal and spend large portions of their IT budgets on upgrades. Sebastian Marotte, Vice President of Google Enterprise Europe, estimates that customers can save between 50%-70% by using cloud computing services.

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Source: BBC, Google