Good IT governance is a catalyst for business success

There are huge benefits to be had if you can maximise the potential of all of the IT frameworks, systems and methodologies within your organization. The reality of achieving this, however, seems like a complex and time consuming project.

This is exactly why the Calder-Moir IT Governance Framework has been created. Derived from practical experience in business and IT management at Board and Executive levels it has been designed to help boards and executives navigate this complex issue.

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Cyber Resilience Standards Kit (Download) The Calder-Moir IT Governance Framework Toolkit

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The IT Governance Framework Toolkit has been based on the Calder-Moir framework and has been aligned with ISO38500 – the world’s international IT governance standard. This toolkit will help you realize your IT strategies whilst delivering greater efficiency’s because it maximizes the potential of your IT systems and methodologies.

Until the end of April this toolkit also comes with a free cyber security assessment tool. Cyber security has become a huge issue for all businesses and many have been left behind in regards to their cyber defences. This tool will quickly allow you to analyse your current defence level and identify which areas need attention.

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