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Changing the IT Leader’s Mindset incorporates the latest business thinking, tools and advice to help you break out of the IT stereotype and bring innovation to your organisation.

“I found this book to be right on point and it did a great job of describing the competing roles IT leaders find themselves in, keeping the existing processes/systems running effectively with continuous improvement AND partnering with the business to create transformational change.”

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Changing the IT Leader's Mindset Changing the IT Leader’s Mindset

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Read this book and learn how to:

  • Successfully balance Transactional and Transformational Leadership
    By becoming flexible in your approach to leadership, you will be able to simultaneously deliver business as usual, whilst enabling change and innovation.
  • Understand the IT Leader stereotype and how to alter its perception
    People have developed through evolution to automatically stereotype, and, as part of the IT professional crowd, there is a certain stigma attached to your perception which can often make you seen to be an outsider. This book will show you not only how to understand others’ perceptions, but also how to work with them to become a trusted and leading member of your organisation.
  • Utilise tools like action learning and co-creation
    In a leading role, you will have to deal with a multiplicity of situations and varying reactions from the individuals of your team. To help understand them and align their ability to assess, the book will show you how to use key tools such as action learning and co-creation to inspire innovation and increase your future prospects.

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