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In 2010 the US Government undertook an aggressive policy to implement Cloud Computing across all of its agencies. Cloud-First was designed to replace on site systems with Cloud based technologies and is estimated to save the US Government $5.5 billion this year. Next year it is projected this figure will rise to $12 billion – to put that into context that is NASA’s entire budget for a year.

Cloud Computing isn’t just for huge brands and Government agencies though. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Cloud Computing.

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IT Governance also stocks a growing range of Cloud Computing titles to help individuals and organisations understand what Cloud Computing can do for them and how to proceed with implementing a Cloud based project.

Above The Clouds
Above The

A comprehensive introduction to Cloud Computing

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IT Governance 5
Securing Cloud

A pragmatic approach to security architecture in the Cloud

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Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks
Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks

Discover the benefits and risks to your business

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