Get IT and your organisation waltzing in sync!

Getting IT to align with the goals and objectives or your organisation can be difficult. Budget, time constraints and resources can often get in the way.

Waltzing with the Elephant explores and informs you about the importance of having a top level understanding of, and engagement in the processes for directing and controlling the use of IT as a tool of business. It aims to help build a shared understanding that leads to a well-integrated system for the governance of IT from the boardroom to the coalface, framed around the guidance in ISO/IEC 38500 standard.

‘Waltzing with the Elephant is a must-have for any organisation that is serious about the governance of IT. It will help you align IT with your organisational objectives and achieve improved results.’
Jamie Titchener, Product Manager, IT Governance

Waltzing with the Elephant (eBook) Waltzing with the Elephant (eBook)
by Mark Toomey

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This book:

  • Guides you and your board through the complexities of IT governance decisions, helping you avoid the pitfalls
  • Lays a framework for the effective use of IT throughout your organisation
  • Is written by Mark Toomey, one of the authors of the ISO/IEC 38500 and AS 8015 IT governance standards
  • Is written in plain English – making the information within usable by any director or senior manager within an organisation.

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