Get Certificated in the Principles of IT Governance

  • What is IT Governance?
  • How do we really achieve IT – Business Alignment?
  • How do we navigate, draw on and integrate the most useful aspects of all the currently available governance frameworks?
  • How do we identify and manage IT risk across the enterprise?
  • What does best practice for the Corporate Governance of IT look like today?
  • How does one implement an IT Governance Framework?
  • How does an IT Governance Framework help us optimise IT delivery, value and performance?

This innovative three-day course is a comprehensive introduction to the business-critical subject of the Corporate Governance of IT. Included in the course is the IBITGQ Certificate in IT Governance Principles, which is awarded to those who pass the exam which is included on Day 3 of the course.

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Principles of IT Governance Training Course – 5-7 October 2011 in London

The course is designed for those individuals whose role requires them to have a broad understanding of IT Governance, a familiarity with the wide range of frameworks and standards which can be deployed in an integrated, business-focused IT Governance framework.

Typical delegates to this course include: Board directors; IT executives (CIOs, CISOs CTOs); IT managers; IT auditors; business, risk, project and compliance managers; IT service managers, governance professionals and, of course, IT consultants.

Three reasons to Book Today:

  1. This course was created and is led by Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance Ltd. The course reflects his years of involvement with the corporate governance of IT.
  2. The IBITGQ Certificate in IT Governance Principles will be awarded to delegates who pass the exam. Certification is the key to developing your career in IT Governance.
  3. This course will only be held once per quarter and has a stricly limited number of seats. It will sell out months in advance!


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