Get agile this weekend

Don’t worry, there’s no gymnastics involved. You won’t even need to stand up (although you can if you prefer, obviously).

Instead I’m referring to the Agile management approach – hailed last year by Forbes Magazine as the best-kept management secret on the planet. The agile approach is definitely no longer a secret; in fact it’s rapidly becoming one of the leading methodologies for software development, particularly among small and medium-sized organisations.

The popularity of the Agile approach is the result of one extraordinary benefit: its almost unique ability to encourage continuous innovation alongside disciplined development cycles.

For those used to more traditional project management approaches, Agile can seem alien: small cross-functional teams, little (sometimes no) long-term planning, daily review meetings and minimal written communication.

The highly adaptive approach is a scary prospect for most PRINCE2 practitioners (or anyone who likes to work towards a final goal with strict processes), but Agile cost, time and efficiency benefits are there for those adventurous enough to take the plunge.

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