Cyber Essentials: Get a little help, reap big rewards

Do you use strong administrator passwords for your system and devices?
Do you use firewalls to manage inbound and outbound traffic?
Do you have a user privilege management process in place?
Do you use licensed software?
Do you have malware protection software installed on your devices?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, it’s your lucky day; if not, you should worry about your cyber security.

Public-sector suppliers, pay attention

If you supply products and/or services to the UK Government (and are bound by contracts that require the handling of sensitive information), you are obliged to adhere to Cyber Essentials, the government-backed certification scheme that sets out a baseline of cyber security controls that help to mitigate around 80% of Internet-based threats. You need to achieve either Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification to make sure the UK Government supply chain is secure, which has the benefit of protecting your system and networks too.

Deploy expert tools and guidance

Whatever the level of information security competence and expertise you have, there is a solution for any budget and requirement. Do you have some knowledge of information security and feel confident undertaking the Cyber Essentials certification process with a small bit of assistance?

Our Cyber Essentials – Get A Little Help packaged solution provides you with the tools and resources you need in order to improve your knowledge and skills, and achieve certification. It contains a Cyber Essentials Toolkit, with pre-written policies, procedures and record templates, two hours of Live Online Consultancy to spend with one of our consultants, and the certification service.

With a little help, you can achieve great results.
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