German fears grow as a lack of Internet Security rises

According to a recent survey by German tech industry association, ‘Bitkom’, 85% of German internet users (aged 14 and above) fear that thieves will steal their credit card details or gain online access to their bank account.  This number has risen by 10%, compared to 75% in 2010.

But is this increase in fear down to the growing media coverage of data breaches on companies such as Sony and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has generated hype around cybercrime , or is there a genuine fear that people will be hacked? Statistics seem to point to the fact that it is the latter, as the number of cyberattacks had risen by 19% in 2010, costing Germany 61.5 million Euros. The German federal police have also taken action and have warned people that “perpetrators are extremely innovative and can adapt to rapidly changing security measures”.

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