GDPR Report: Provide training for those responsible for GDPR compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May 2018 and organisations across the globe are preparing for the change. But according to our GDPR Report, 41.2% of respondents said the person responsible for their organisation’s compliance project doesn’t have a formal or relevant data protection qualification. A further 13% said they don’t know if that person is qualified or not.

Considering the numerous challenges that organisations will face when implementing the GDPR, we strongly advise that all organisations find a qualified individual to oversee the process.

Gaining a GDPR qualification

The past few reviews of our GDPR Report have discussed the difficulty in finding qualified staff, and there is a similar problem here. If you can’t find a skilled employee to manage GDPR compliance, then you have to appoint an existing member of staff.

As a result, 63% of our respondents said they are planning to undertake training to develop their GDPR knowledge. This includes those who have been tasked with GDPR compliance and those who see the need for staff with such qualifications.

Data protection officers (DPOs) are particularly interested in gaining a GDPR qualification (16.9%), followed by compliance/risk managers (11.8%) and IT managers (10.3%).

Our training courses

We offer a pair of GDPR training courses to help people improve their knowledge of the Regulation and gain formal qualifications.

Our one-day Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation (GDPR) Training Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the GDPR and helps you understand the implications and legal requirements for organisations.

Delivered by an experienced data protection practitioner, the course is built on the foundations of our knowledge of data privacy laws and information security standards such as ISO 27001.

For a more in-depth course, you should enrol on our four-day Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner (GDPR) Training Course. This programme helps you gain a practical understanding of the tools and methods for implementing and managing an effective compliance framework.

Ideal for anyone looking to fulfil the DPO role, the course focuses on how the data protection principles work in practice, the policies and procedures necessary, and practical guidance on how to implement an effective privacy and information security compliance programme.

Book these programmes together in our combination course and you’ll save 15%.