Gamers warned of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) phishing site

Malwarebytes reports a malicious website aimed at CS:GO gamers. The fake CS:GO Lounge page is only two characters away from the legitimate one – csgoloungcs[dot]com – as opposed to – and closely resembles the real site, with a few differences that only regular visitors would notice.


When users try to log into CS:GO Lounge via Steam on the fake site, however, they are directed to another fake page, which collects their credentials and then downloads a Trojan.

The increasing popularity of gaming makes it an attractive prospect for cyber criminals. Malwarebytes notes that “Previous phishing attempts using CS:GO Lounge as bait has [sic] been reported or documented by users before”, using other misspelled domains, including csgolonge[dot]com and csgolaunge[dot]com.

As of last month, Steam had 125 million active accounts. If you think your information might have been compromised by this scam, you’re advised to change your login details immediately and keep an eye out for fraudulent activity on any bank accounts linked with the service.