Free green paper: Getting cyber secure with penetration testing

With cyber attacks in the news more than ever, organisations should be well aware of their cyber security responsibilities. Attacks are cheap to conduct, and can cripple a company’s systems, land it with heavy fines and damage its reputation.

Organisations looking to secure their systems and networks should perform regular penetration tests – simulated real-world attacks on a network or application. Penetration tests identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit and help you address weaknesses in your cyber defences.

Almost every major organisation in the world has a penetration testing programme, and although smaller organisations’ cyber security budgets might be limited, they should not underestimate the importance of penetration testing.

Benefits of penetration testing

Our free green paper Assured Security: Getting cyber secure with penetration testing, explains the benefits of regular testing. It can:

  • Identify a range of vulnerabilities

Businesses are exposed to a host of potential threats, and each one might be able to exploit hundreds of different vulnerabilities. Problems as apparently benign as error pages can provide attackers with enough information to exploit a less obvious and much more harmful vulnerability.

  • Identify high-risk weaknesses that result from a combination of smaller vulnerabilities

Small vulnerabilities are often overlooked by companies, but hackers often seek out such weaknesses to create intrusion sequences and pry open security gaps into much larger weaknesses.

  • Provide specific advice

After conducting a penetration test, the tester produces a report on the vulnerabilities they’ve found. Unlike automatically generated reports from tools that offer generic remediation tips, penetration tests can rank and rate vulnerabilities according to the scale of the risk and the company’s budget.

Get cyber secure

Penetration testing offers an affordable, repeatable method of identifying vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and web applications. It shows that you take the security of your information assets seriously and gives you the records to prove it to your clients and partners.

Our green paper provides more information on why testing is crucial to improving your overall security, and outlines our penetration testing services.

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