Free fact sheet demystifies information security qualifications

Don’t know your CISMs from your CRISCs? Our new fact sheet will help you gain some clarity.

“Information Security Qualifications – A Fact Sheet” is the latest in a series of new titles in development, designed to help customers understand their IT GRC problems and solutions.

As austerity continues to bite in many western economies, organisations in both the private and public sectors are seeking ways to decrease budgets and make savings. In this green paper, IT Governance explains why it’s more important than ever to ensure employees are trained and knowledgeable to maintain a standard of efficiency and competitive edge.

The paper then goes on to explain and compare the various information security qualifications available.

IT Governance’s Green Paper library now contains 30 downloads covering subjects as diverse as information security, project governance, green IT and social media.  They combine the expert subject-matter knowledge of IT Governance’s consultancy team with an understanding of customer’s frequently encountered problems to create value-adding, useful documents for information security professionals and business practitioners.

The free green papers can be downloaded from the IT Governance website at: