Free DPO resources

This week we’re focusing on the final stage of becoming #BreachReady: oversight.  

‘Oversight’ describes the requirement for a DPO (data protection officer) or other responsible manager to oversee the breach and reporting process, ensuring the organisation focuses its efforts and the breach is reported in an accurate and timely manner (where required). 

You may be required by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to appoint a DPO. We’ve created three new resources to help you assess if it’s mandatory for you, understand what’s required and the obligations that come into play when a DPO has been appointed.  


Listen to our new Periscope Podcast. This week we spoke to Colin Currie and Rachel McKinney, who work in DPO Services.  


Watch our video – Colin and Rachel join us again to explain when a DPO is required and some of the key concerns when trying to appoint one. 


Download the infographic. This is the perfect tool for sharing among colleagues and gaining their support for the appointment of a DPO. 

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