FREE downloadable Business Management Controls Toolkit Demo!!!

Our new Business Management Controls Toolkit demo is now available now for immediate download. It contains around 10% of the full toolkit, giving you sample documentation demonstrating the style and content of the full documentation found in the complete version of the Business Management Controls Toolkit.

Included in this toolkit demo is:

  • BITA CON 2.1 Business Continuity Audit Review Program: This audit program is to support the design, implementation, evaluation and improvement of business continuity for your organisation.
  • STQC PESTLE Template: This template is concerned with the environmental influences on your business.
  • EGOV CON 6.6 Red Flags Checklist: This checklist is to support, enable and facilitate managers, specialised control consultants and auditors in examining various ‘red flags’ apparent in the activities of your organisation.
  • EGOV CON 6.7 Organisational Controls Readiness Checklist: This checklist is to support, enable and facilitate managers, specialised control consultants and auditors in evaluating the readiness of your organisation.
  • ITST CON 4 Strategic Plan: The IT strategy includes a computer systems development plan but also the business needs and goals that must be satisfied including the environmental issues that must be addressed in support of a primary process of the business delivered through IT.
  • FINM CON 1.2 Treasury Manager: Managing a medium or large company and your business activities warrant it? You may want to appoint a treasury manager.
  • Corporate Rewards Systems Plan: A Corporate Rewards System-Plan is to establish and operate a system of remuneration, rewards, and other fringe benefits to the staff of your organisation.
  • BSC Performance Framework: A performance management tool which began as a concept for measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy.
  • MGMT CON 1 Roles and Responsibilities of Participants Performance Controls: These measures and indicators are to support, monitor and complement the roles and responsibilities of all participants in running and monitoring your organisation, such as: Managers, The board of directors, etc.
  • IGOV CON 2 Internet and Email Policy: Sample text of anemail policy that you are to develop based on the characteristics and fingerprints of your organisation.
  • FINM CON 4.6 Detailed Accounting Procedures: The usual accounting procedures that your accounting staff need to record all of your organisation’s daily financial transactions and activities.

For IP reasons these sample documents are locked and in a PDF format. If you feel you would like to see a sample version of another document contained in the full version of the toolkit, we would be more than happy to send this to you, all you have to do is contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The same applies for any questions or feedback you might have. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we mean it when we say your feedback is taken into all of our future developments.

You can download the demo by visiting our website here and using the link on the page to retrieve your demo. If you have any problems with doing this then contact us here at