Free download: Secure your laptops and mobile devices

IT Governance CEO, Alan Calder, has updated our popular green paper on information security for mobile devices.

The first of a series of two papers covering mobile device security, Alan concentrates on laptop computers and mobile storage devices.

According to a 2012 report by the Ponemon Institute, 31% of UK data breaches are a result of lost laptops or other mobile devices. When combined with the potential implications of breaching the data protection act (fines of up to £500,000, or even custodial sentences) it becomes clear why organisations should take this risk seriously.

Alan’s paper begins with an introduction to the threat. What are the risks and why should you care?

This is followed by an overview of the different ways you could mitigate those risks. Building on clear guidance from the UK’s Information Commission Office, the paper appraises various products and approaches you could use across your organisation to keep your information safe

Finally, there is a list of best practice, common sense precautions and recommendations against which all your staff should comply.

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