Free download: GDPR & ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Tools

Updated April 2019.

This promotion has now ended. However, you can still use the EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool and ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Tool to learn where you should strengthen your organisation’s practices.

While Brexit continues to cause widespread uncertainty, you can at least be sure of one thing: deal or no deal, the security risks your organisation faces won’t go away.

Data breaches are on the up, and information security and GDPR compliance remain business-critical issues. That’s why – for a limited time – we gave away our EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool and ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Tool for free.

Understanding best-practice information security

An ISO 27001 gap analysis gives organisations an overview of what they must do to meet the Standard’s requirements. It involves going through each clause of ISO 27001 and determining whether the organisation has implemented the necessary requirements.

Without a gap analysis, it’s impossible to know where you stand in terms of ISO 27001 compliance.

Our tool guides organisations through the process, with an emphasis on how to prepare and begin the gap analysis. It includes:

  • A set of sample audit questions;
  • A list of ISO 27001’s requirements, identifying where documentation is mandatory for compliance;
  • A clear, colour-coded, subclause-by-subclause report on the state of organisational compliance; and
  • An executive summary, displaying the results of your compliance in a clear table, so that you are able to report on your results and measure the closure of gaps.

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Closing your GDPR compliance gaps

A GDPR gap analysis determines whether your organisation has correctly implemented the Regulation’s requirements. Organisations can easily fall out of compliance due to changes in their structure or the way they process information, so gap analyses must be conducted regularly to ensure any nonconformities are identified and addressed.

Our tool contains:

  • An executive summary, which you can use to view your compliance status;
  • The main gap analysis tool;
  • A process analysis tool; and
  • A data list designed to help you fill in the process analysis tool.

Find out more about our EU GDPR Compliance Gap Analysis Tool >>

Our ISO27001 2013 Gap Analysis Tool and EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool provide essential guidance for organisations looking to meet information security best practices and regulatory requirements.

Download them today to assess the state of your compliance and start building a more secure future today >>


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