Free Cyber Resilience Resources

According to Cyber Security expert Alan Calder and Forbes Magazine, becoming cyber resilient will replace becoming cyber secure. Cyber Resilience is defined as “The ability to repel cyber attacks while protecting critical business assets, rapidly adapting and responding to business disruptions and maintain continuous business operations”

So, in short:  Business resilience + Cyber Security = Cyber Resilience

The time is ripe to obtain a better understanding of cyber resilience and learn why you should implement it in your organisation. What a better opportunity to do this than taking advantage of the free resources IT Governance (the leading cyber security specialists) have made available:

Download the Cyber Resilience Green Paper

IT Governance has put together this green paper to help organisations grasp the concept of cyber resilience and how it can be the deciding factor in your organisations future.

Attend the Cyber Resilience: The New Normal webinar with Alan Calder

On the 12th February, Alan Calder will be hosting a webinar which will take viewers through the latest approach to cyber crime that no business can survive the 21st century without: Cyber Resilience.

Attendees of this webinar will leave with invaluable knowledge about what they should be doing to protect their organisations from inevitable cyber attacks.