Former Law Firm Partner Reveals Strategies to Manage & Mitigate Cyber Risks

In today’s information economy, the protection of information assets is a key element in the long-term competitiveness and survival of commercial organisations. With the Internet becoming a ubiquitous communication and application platform, the greatest risk to your firm is likely to come from cyber crime.

The stakes are high and the potential impacts of ‘cyber risk’ to your business include:

  • Financial loss from theft or fraud
  • Loss of invaluable client information or Intellectual Property
  • Possible fines from legal and regulatory bodies (e.g. FSA, ICO)
  • Loss of reputation through ‘word of mouth’ and adverse press coverage.

Cyber Risks for Business Professionals: A Management Guide by Rupert Kendrick

Cyber Risks for Business Professionals: A Management Guide is a non-technical guide designed to explain the origins of cyber risk and assist in the development of strategies to manage and mitigate these risks.

Drawing on interviews with senior managers in Clifford Chance, Capgemini, Morgan Stanley and others, the book examines operational and technological risks together with the related legal and compliance issues. It has been specifically written to meet the needs of qualified business professionals working in law and accountancy firms.

 This text is the follow up to the best selling Managing Cyber Risks: Strategic Approaches for Law Firms first published in 2002 and provides a complete update on the impact of all recent UK and European legislation and key technology changes that include wireless networks, identity & access management, cloud computing, IT governance and social networking.

Rupert Kendrick is a former partner in a medium-sized law firm and for the past ten years has pursued a career in legal publishing and consulting. He writes for the Solicitors Journal and Managing for Success magazine published by the Law Management Section of the Law Society.

Protect your firm from the risks of cyber crime.

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