Fix your IT governance processes

IT governance is a key organisational responsibility. Ensuring your IT strategy complies with regulatory requirements, risk management best practice and your organisational goals is essential for the success of an organisation – long or short term.

There are plenty of frameworks and guidelines available to help you manage the governance of enterprise IT, including the Calder-Moir Framework, ITIL and the international standard ISO38500. However, one of the most popular is COBIT5.

COBIT5, developed by ISACA®, is a set of 37 processes within 5 categories (or ‘process domains’) that will align your IT strategy with regulations, risk and organisational goals.

Speed up COBIT®5

The IT Governance COBIT®5 Documentation Toolkit accelerates COBIT5 projects.

Many projects fail due to the heavy burden placed on process documentation. All 37 processes require a set of supporting, implementation and maintenance documents. Our toolkit includes a set of templates that will hugely simplify the documentation requirement, saving you many hours of research and stress.

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