Five signs you need to invest in cyber security staff awareness training

iStock_000023125988LargeWith recent reports[1] revealing that employees are the weakest link in the security chain, no organisation should need further evidence to act. Many organisations tend to bury their head in the sand, however, and refuse to accept that they, too, are potential targets for cyber criminals. What’s more, their unaware and uninformed employees may unwittingly open the door to those with malicious intent.

It is important to act early to reduce the likelihood of a data breach caused by inadvertent human error. You should invest in staff awareness training immediately if your employees:

  • Have access to corporate sensitive information.
  • Use their own desktop or mobile devices to access work email and networks, corporate social media accounts or other corporate data.
  • Don’t understand where information security fits into your company policies and what their relevant obligations are.
  • Don’t realise the effect a cyber breach could have on your business.
  • Don’t know how to distinguish between a phishing email and a genuine one, or how to recognise malicious links and attachments.

Everyone has a responsibility to be vigilant in protecting their company’s data, but employees are unlikely to take this issue seriously unless management also takes it seriously. Organisations have a duty to raise security awareness.


You can kick-start your staff awareness programme with a web-based training course, which is easy-to-deploy and delivers a cost-effective solution to raising security awareness.

phishing courseTry the Cyber Security and Phishing Staff Awareness Course, which will help your employees to understand how cyber criminals operate, how they plan and execute their phishing campaigns, and how to spot and avoid phishing tactics.

The Information Security Staff Awareness E-Learning Course will help you familiarise non-technical staff with security awareness policies and procedures. It is also suitable for organisations that need to comply with ISO 27001 as it provides them with evidence that training has taken place.


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