Five reasons to book your cyber security training before Christmas

iStock_000023125988LargeMy colleagues and I have recently been writing about the surge in demand for cyber security professionals that is apparently causing companies to compete for the best talent. A report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) revealed that cyber security is among six fast-growth industries that could boost the British economy, while a KPMG report revealed that there is aggressive headhunting in this field.

If you’ve chosen cyber security as your career, you are likely to have chosen wisely as the opportunities for career progression in the sector are growing on a global scale. Candidates with the right skills and qualifications will undoubtedly benefit from this increasing demand, so investing in your continuing professional development is a must if you are to develop your career further.

Here are just five (of many) reasons to consider booking on a training course in December:

1. Get a skills boost and start 2015 with confidence

A key finding of the UK Government’s 2014 Cyber Security Skills report is that companies find it most difficult to recruit cyber security skills related to implementing secure systems, followed by operational security management, incident management and information risk management.

If you are responsible for any of these areas, you should consider investing in the appropriate qualifications, including ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, Managing Cyber Security Risk and CompTIA Security+.

2. Develop your career and receive a salary rise

A study by recruitment firm Robert Half revealed that cyber security senior executives in the UK and US are expected to see a significant salary rise in 2015 – a trend that reflects the growing importance of cyber security for organisations worldwide. Chief information security officers (CISO) at British technology firms are expected to earn between £97,500 ($156,478) and £145,250 in 2015, up 5.7% from 2014. In the US, CISOs will see a 7.1% salary rise to a range of $134,250 to $204,750 next year.

Consider investing in CISSPCISMISO 27001 LA, CLAS and CISA training – according the UK Government’s 2014 Cyber Security Skills report, these qualifications are among the information assurance qualifications employers look for when recruiting staff.

3. Impress your manager by solving difficult problems

The KPMG report revealed that about 70% of the respondents are wary of their organisation’s ability to assess incoming threats. Keeping up with evolving attacks and managing risks is an area of concern for many organisations. It is also an opportunity for ambitious professionals to make a significant difference by proposing solutions that will suit their organisation. Specific training courses, such as ISO 27001 Foundation, PCI DSS Foundation, Cyber Essentials Foundation and Managing Cyber Security Risk, can help build a business case and communicate these solutions to senior management and the board.

4. Increase your motivation by learning something new and practical

Nothing compares to enjoying your job. This usually relates to the ability to solve new problems and overcome challenges in a way that contributes to both your personal development and your company. Focusing on acquiring the skills you will need in 2015 that will enable you to gain new experience and satisfaction will have a positive effect on your job and career.

5. Pay 30% less by taking advantage of IT Governance’s special promotion

Finally, whether you are supported by your employer or are a self-funding delegate, you will benefit by taking advantage of IT Governance’s special December training course offer. Anyone who books any January 2015 IT Governance training course before 19 December 2014 will enjoy a 30% discount, based on list price and subject to availability.

Spend the holidays knowing that your job and career are being taken care of and that there’s something exciting to look forward to in 2015!