Five Must-See Cyber Crime Infographics

Nothing gets the heart pumping on a Monday like the thrill and shock of viewing infographics about cyber crime.

OK, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the infographics below do promise to provide you with a great insight into cyber crime and what’s being done about it.

I’ve hand-picked these infographics myself and am very keen to hear your opinions on them, so please leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let me know what you think.

To view the infographics in full size, please click the images.

Fighting Cyber Crime in the UK

Created by IT Governance, this infographic gathers the latest facts and figures on cyber crime in the UK, and offers suitable solutions to fight back.


How Consumers Foot the Bill for Data Breaches

The infographic below, recently released by Authentify,  sheds light on the cost of data breaches.

Authentify infographic _target data breach (1)

The #OpUSA Hacker Attack

The infographic below is case study of how Trend Micro tracked the threat known as #OpUSA.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fighting Cybercrime

Five Reasons You’re a Prime Target for Cyber Criminals

This infographic, provided by FireEye, lays out the common reasons why cyber criminals are targeting your organisation.


What Banks Can Learn From Recent Data Breaches

Financial services firm CDW has created the following infographic to demonstrate how dangerous cyber attacks and data breaches are to banks.