Firstsource: 90 call centre employees suspended over “data breach”

The BBC reports that nearly “90 workers are being investigated at the [Firstsource] call centre in Londonderry amid accusations of a data protection breach”.

BBC Radio Foyle saw a letter sent by the company to one of its workers, accusing him of mis-selling products and fraud.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

A spokesman for Firstsource said that “A number of policies and procedures may have been breached by members of staff… We cannot comment on the detail of the investigation until it has been completed.”

One affected employee, Daniel Laird, told the BBC:

“There is a constant pressure of having to do things you’re not happy with. They add different procedures and policies making it difficult for people to achieve their monthly bonuses.

“Workers are finding it difficult to manage their day to day work.

“I want management to re-consider these suspensions.”

It’s not known how much information was lost, what products were mis-sold, or how the alleged fraud was perpetrated, but the suggestion that the data breach resulted directly from company culture is a strong accusation.

An anonymous Firstsource employee rebutted the claims, telling the Derry Daily:

“In response to the huge number of allegations that have come about recently; I wish to state categorically that the vast majority of what is being said is completely false or exaggerated. If what has been suggested was anywhere near true, I have no doubt at all that Firstsource would have ceased to operate in the UK a staggeringly long time ago because these allegations constitute huge breaches of UK labour laws. I do not believe that most of the accusations levelled at Firstsource are true.”

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