First Financial Institution Achieves ISO 22301 Certification

The new international business continuity standard, ISO22301 , was launched in May 2012 and BSI Spain have already issued its first ISO 22301 certificate to Bankinter, a global financial services company.

Bankinter is the first organization to be issued an ISO 22301 certificate by BSI and is also the first financial institution in the world to undergo successful independent assessment and demonstrate compliance with the new global standard.

Benefits of ISO22301 certification:

  • The requirements in the standard can be applied in any type or size of organization, no matter the location, making it widely applicable.
  • By creating a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) aligned with ISO22301 organizations can ensure that they are prepared should an disruptive incident occur, and more importantly, continue trading and return to business as usual as quickly as possible.
  • An ISO22301 BMCS protects an organization’s turnover, profits and reputation by ensuring preparedness.

In addition, early adopters of ISO 22301 are able to demonstrate to customers, shareholders and other stakeholders, that they are resilient and positioned to achieve business as usual within a specific time-frame following a business discontinuity. This gives an organization a competitive advantage when tendering for new business and renegotiating existing contracts. Service level agreements can be refined and demonstrable terms can be varified.

There are various routes to successful certification and the route you choose to take will depend entirely on your organization. At IT Governance we have the products to help get you started:

The ISO22301 Standard

ISO22301 Books & Tools

A good place to start is by reading our band new book Business Continuity Management: Choosing to Survive. It contains a chapter dedicated to BCM Standards with a particular focus on ISO 22301.

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