FBI Arrest Suspected Lulzsec Member Responsible For Sony Pictures Hack

The FBI have arrested a man who it claims was part of the Lulzsec hacking group and who was instrumental in this year’s attacks on Sony Pictures. Arrsted at his home in Phoenix, Arizona, Cody Kretisnger is known in the on-line hacking world as ‘Recursion’.

A Federal Grand Jury charged ‘Recursion’ with conspiracy and the unauthorised impairment of a protected computer. The indictment against Krtisinger alleges that he obtained confidential information from Sony Pictures by using an SQL injection attack, then distributed across the internet. Apparently he sent the attack through a proxy server to avoid detection and permanently deleted the hard drive of the computer he used in the attack.

The FBI also co-ordinated morning raids in San Francisco, Montana, New Jersey and Minnesota, targeting members of the infamous Anonymous hacking group; whom Lulzsec were strongly linked with during their short existence this summer. No additional arrests have yet to be confirmed however.

The authorities have seemingly stepped up their pursuit of major hackers in recent months, with the 2 UK teenagers Jack Davis and Ryan Clearly – also alleged Lulzsec members – arrested in August. Bringing trials to court however is a long and complex process and we still await a landmark case where someone is jailed for a cybercrime for a significant amount of time.

And with all the recent arrests, we must remember, that those involved are deemed innocent until proven guilty. Providing sufficient proof to actually gain a conviction though may be half of the problem.