Everything You Want To Know About Organisational Change Management

Angelica King reviews Everything You Want To Know About Organisational Change Management.

Our organizations are constantly facing changes. Changes are initiated from within the organization like restructuring, outsourcing, and transformations. Other changes are the result of process deployment or process changes, system deployments or system changes. Many organizational changes involve technology changes and IT is often involved in the change.

Everything you want to know about Organisational Change begins with a description of organizations and why organizations change. The authors outline a number of triggers for organizational change such as external market changes or internal organizational vision changes. The focus then moves to describing many of the challenges that exist when managing change in the organization structure. The challenges range from system-based challenges like legacy systems to communication challenges. Accompanying the challenge descriptions are several lists of questions that should be considered. These questions can be used to mitigate the various challenges.

While there is good content in this book, what I expected to find wasn’t present. With the title of Everything you want to know about Organisational Change, I was expecting a book that outlined principles of Organizational Change Management. Instead, this book outlined the role of IT in organizational change, provided ideas on how to organize for organizational change and listed some challenges to changing. Additionally, I expected to find references to experts in Organizational Change Management. Unfortunately, there were no references to experts in the book or the resources list.

Who should read this book? This book is a good reference for anyone who is facing an organizational change and would like some tips for working through the journey. In addition, the appendix has outlined a number of questions to consider when facing mergers and acquisitions. There are some great references in this merger and acquisition section. Overall, the book is a quick and easy reference for understanding the role of IT in organizational changes.

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