Ever thought of gaining recognition for your IT governance skills and knowledge?

If you work in the field of IT governance and want to gain recognition for your skills and knowledge, the CGEIT qualification is the way forward.

CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) is an IT governance qualification from ISACA. Gaining the qualification demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to employ IT governance within your organisation.

Gaining the CGEIT qualification provides you with:

  • A globally recognised qualification in the field of IT governance
  • An advantage over non-certified IT governance professionals, helping you stand out from the crowd
  • Higher earning potential and greater career opportunities
  • Improved knowledge and skills in the field of IT governance, helping you complete tasks more efficiently

The benefits of gaining the CGEIT qualification are clear. The CGEIT exams take places twice a year at exam events organised by ISACA in June and December. If you are looking to study for the exam then self-study is a highly flexible route and ISACA have provided some manuals to facilitate this study:

The best way to get certified is to get started. Gain the recognition you deserve for your IT governance skills and knowledge by becoming CGEIT certified!

View the official CGEIT manuals >>

P.S. IT Governance also delivers a CGEIT training course to help prepare you for the exam.