Ever thought of becoming an ITSM consultant?

Have you ever thought about becoming an ITSM consultant? What skills would be required? Could you deliver on time and to the specifications required? How would you go about your consultancy project?

If these questions have floated around in your head for the past few months, it’s now time to unearth what it really takes to be an ITSM consultant and make your projects successful.

In the book Collaborative Consulting, the author details how to conduct successful ITSM consultancy engagements. Coverage of the book includes:

  1. Consultancy methods, and how to apply the right tools for a particular job
  2. Ethical consultancy – good governance and the responsibilities of a consultant
  3. Analysing the enterprise, and how to incorporate corporate vision, policy and objectives into requirements
  4. Using roadmaps and evaluations to build a shared vision with your client
  5. Management techniques: team-building, growing capabilities, delegating and engaging staff effectively
  6. Identifying, analysing and managing requirements, risks, and value in strategy and design
  7. Managing change, resistance, negotiation and politics
  8. Influencing senior management and the board using business cases and portfolios
  9. The importance of communicating effectively

Now’s the time to put your dreams into reality with the help of Collaborative Consulting – the only guide available on how to become and function as an ITSM consultant.