European Data Protection Day

On Tuesday 17th May 2011, European Data Protection Day will be held by Euroform in Berlin. This day will cover a range of topics surrounding data protection, including the impact on businesses, compliance within international groups and how to apply the current rules. Guest speakers include the Vice President of the European Commission, Viviane Reding and Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor. The day will be jam-packed full of discussions and talks surrounding European data protection, with your chance to ask questions to the experts and keynote speakers . It will also be a great chance to network.

A workshop will take place the following day, on Wednesday 18th May, with discussions surrounding the regulatory framework, the concept and how to provide a web of trust to your partners.

With data protection being a hot topic at the moment, (Sony is causing quite a stir with news of their 77 million customer details being stolen,) it is no wonder that there will be lots to talk about on the day itself. Protect your business now before it’s too late! Consequences of not doing this can range from financial losses to ruining your brand reputation, so don’t fall victim.

What is your organisation doing for European Data Protection Day?

Many organisations across Europe are using the event to raise awareness internally amongst their staff. Staff awareness training is critical to information security and to ISO27001 compliance. No matter how many technical controls are implemented, valuable information is not completely secure, unless the employees are trained in security awareness policies and procedures.


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The hidden benefit of staff awareness training is that employees will take what they know and use this at home to increase their own Internet security. This, in turn, will help to create a culture of security consciousness that will benefit everyone.

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