Europe is about to “get tough” on cyber criminals

In an exclusive article, Troels Oerting who is head of the new European Cybercrime Centre reveals that Europe is about to “get tough” on cyber criminals.

Instead of relying on expensive defensive measures, Europol (the leading law enforcement body) now agrees there is desparate need for governments to invest in catching those behind the multi-billion pound problem. He states, “Our primary task will be assisting member states in preventing, disrupting, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime.”

Their approach will build on existing structures and work to achieve the best possible results for the cheapest investment.  Although Oerting hasn’t revealed any secrets of what the European Cybercrime Centre plan to do specifically, he stresses that “we need to invest more in catching the perpetrators and make it unattractive to commit crime in cyberspace.”

In what has often been seen as ‘faceless’ crime, the European Cybercrime Centre will highlight offences with a number of penalties, discouraging cyber attacks from happening. 

 Source: Public Service Europe

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