Europe: Get Ready for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been the subject of discussion for years, but now the pros seem to outweigh the cons as the EC stresses the importance of this service.

The European Commission’s (EC) Vice President, Neelie Kroes, announced that their goal was to “make Europe not just cloud-friendly but also cloud-active”.

Google’s Senior Policy Counsel for Europe, Marco Panicini, sums up that Google is fully behind the EC’s efforts of of being active within the cloud. He does have a few hesitations that Europe still has a little way to go on improving the current regulatory framework to maximise its full potential, but he believes that cloud computing will be great for the EU.  He claims that cloud computing is gaining momentum in Europe and that it will save users money, create a million jobs by 2016 and contribute between 0.1% to 0.4% of GDP for the EU.

A recent study by Professor Etro from the University of Venice suggested that Europe becoming cloud-active could cut costs in the public sector by 10-40%, whilst also helping to exploit SME’s.

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