EU GDPR Webinar: Data flow mapping for EU GDPR compliance

Organisations have less than two years to completely transform the way they collect and process data in order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A first step toward compliance is to review your organisation’s data flow. This will allow you to identify the location, access and ownership of your data, in addition to classifying the type of data your organisation holds. To gain full visibility over how the data is collected and processed, we encourage organisations to conduct a data flow audit.

The next step to compliance is mapping the sources of your data. This involves drawing up a detailed inventory of your organisation’s data flow. A data flow mapping will allow you to:

  • Deliver a data inventory of your company’s personally identifiable information (PII). This will help you create a picture your data’s origins, paths, exit points and storage locations.
  • Indicate where personally identifiable information exists in your network infrastructure, servers and devices.
  • Present an overview of your organisation’s data and improve data lifecycle management.

To help organisations get a comprehensive understanding of what data flow mapping entails under the EU GDPR, IT Governance will be running a free webinar that discusses the requirements, challenges and techniques for data flow mapping.

The Data flow mapping for EU GDPR compliance webinar takes place at 15:00 BST on 29 September 2016, and will cover:

  • an overview of the regulatory landscape;
  • territorial scope;
  • remedies, liabilities and penalties;
  • principles of the EU GDPR;
  • the scope of data flow mapping;
  • the challenges associated with data flow mapping, and;
  • data flow mapping techniques.

Led by Adrian Ross, an experienced data protection and information security consultant at IT Governance, this webinar will shed light on how the EU GDPR will affect your business, some of the critical principles of the EU GDPR, and discuss data flow mapping under the EU GDPR. The webinar is an essential event for anyone who is involved in data protection and compliance, or is looking to undertake EU GDPR compliance projects.

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Need to learn about the marketing requirements under the EU GDPR?

Our final webinar in the GDPR series, taking place on 27 October 2016 from 3pm (BST), discusses the changes and implications the Regulation brings for marketers.

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Additionally, if your organisation requires assistance with conducting an EU GDPR gap analysis or data flow mapping, contact IT Governance’s data protection team by emailing us at or calling us on 0845 070 1750.