EU ‘Cookies Directive’: Are you legally compliant? Don’t wait for complaints!

You’ve heard and read about the EU e-Privacy directive haven’t you? Okay, so now …

Choose a tasty cookie, fill up your cup or mug, sit … and ask THREE SIMPLE QUESTIONS:

  1. Can your website users ‘opt in’ to tracking cookies BEFORE they are downloaded?
  2. Does your Privacy Policy state which type of cookies you place on their system?
  3. Do you know how many cookies are on your site, – and whether you need them?

Is the answer to one or more ‘NO’? Then we recommend that you talk to us about our expert   Cookies Audit

EU ‘Cookies Law’:

It pays to show compliance
– starting today.

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Cookies Audit Service

We will help to track down your cookies – without slowing down your website users… or your business.

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